A Danish entrepreneur, Bendt Skov, thought for several years about the production of new, cheaper, lighter and more environmentally friendly solutions for coffins and urns, and after four years of idea development, DanCof was founded.

The result is, that DanCof has today built up a unique competence in the development and production of the high-tech items. The design and development of coffins and urns has taken place together with the well-known Danish designers Jakob Brahe-Petersen and Nils Thobo-Carlsen from BraheDesign.

The recycled paper, Biofibre – PULP, is a material that is made from long fibre recycled paper. The subject is vacuum formed and then thermo molded with very high contact pressure during a high temperature to form the subject and give it the right surface.

It is a product that is new and unique on the market, and in some ways revolutionary, and are expected to be the World first, with a large volume and a large market share in this particular area.

The product is a major topic of moulded PULP, made of long fibre recycled paper, produced on a Danish designed and patented environment.

DanCof’s product range spans a wide range of products within coffins, urns and associated ornaments. DanCof wants to be a leader in the production of completely new types of coffins and urns, with products, that first and foremost satisfy customers’ wishes for “green”, cheaper and lighter products compared to the traditional alternatives.